better ergonomics

What's Your Goal?

Being able to sit in a chair without having to shift every 10 minutes.


Getting into the Flow where brilliant ideas are created  instead of having your head filled with the nagging tightness in your neck and the burning between your shoulder blades.


Having energy at the end of the day to actually have a life outside the office.


Productivity with top notch performance created in 6 hours instead of 12.


LOVING your work instead of dreading your office.

biomechanics for sore wrist



There’s a simple saying…..

Don’t prescribe until you diagnose.


And that’s what’s been missing in the field of Ergonomics and the reason why the aches, pain, and problems never truly go away.

The ‘usual’ way of ergonomic assessments is to try and solve your problems with one simple step.   

New Equipment.

But how do you know if the equipment is right for you?

What's Missing

If you’ve had a ‘regular’ ergonomic assessment, or received a new ergonomic device for your office then you’ve probably felt the initial joy.

The feeling that finally, your problems will be solved, and you’ll start to feel better.


But what most people find is that although ergonomic equipment might give a temporary ‘quick’  change in symptoms,  it doesn’t solve the problem.


And that’s why the pain returns.


Because the real problem was ignored – and that’s you.

It’s your body that’s hurting.  Your body that’s developing aches and pains from poor posture and improper movement patterns.


And it’s your body that’s heading toward injuries as you continue to push through the pain and believe you can just keep going without resolving the real problem.

Office Biomechanics solves the real problem.

And that’s Body Alignment.  So when you do order a chair, it fits the way you want to sit, not the way you have to sit.