Ergo Made Easy Training for The Best Sitting Position for Low Back Pain



Learning to Create the Perfect Position with your Office Chair 

So You Feel Supported and Cradled Instead of Squeezed, Stuck, and Sore

This Training is for workers who:

1) have aches and pain when sitting at their desk

2) shift in their office chair and can never get comfortable

3) are totally fatigued at the end of the day

4) are considering a standing desk because they just can’t sit any longer

5) have no idea how to adjust their chair for proper sitting posture and comfort

6) worry that not about the long term affects of improper body alignment

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If just the thought of sitting in your office chair makes your muscles tighten up, your low back start to hurt, and your blood pressure increase, then you need some help in getting that chair to be your support instead of your enemy.

Learn to Love Your Chair

You should feel amazing in your office chair.

But chances are you’re sore, frustrated, and let’s face it, a little scared of all those levers.

It’s time to stop putting up with the constant shifting to try and get comfortable.

This training helps you make friends with your chair so you can have a great ‘supportive’ relationship.

No More Low Back Tightness

Learn how your chair can support your body and relieve tight muscles instead of causing aches and pain.

Best Sitting Position for Low Back Tightness

Let’s review the ‘Rules’ for proper sitting and make sure you can feel supported and comfortable.

Creating Comfort

Step-by-Step review of all your chair adjustments, what they do, how they work, and why you need them.
Let’s get you feeling confident about adjusting your chair instead of feeling scared you’ll never get it back in the ‘right’ place.

Needs Review

Does your chair measure up?

 What are the most important adjustments you need to get your butt feeling supported so you can focus on your work and still have energy at 5 pm.

don't put this off any longer

You may be hoping that one of these days you’re going to sit down in that chair and witness a modern day miracle.  

Your chair has miraculously adjusted on its own and you no longer have that nagging pain, burning butt, and pins and needles in your legs.  

But you’re not holding your breath.

You might be on a shopping spree buying anything that has ‘ergonomic’ on the label.  The dream is that you’ll setup the newest purchase and feel like you just had a 2 hour massage.

Here’s the real question.

Why are you waiting for someday?

You can feel better now.

Being in pain is not a necessary part of working hard.  In fact it depletes your productivity.

You’re losing efficiency with the distraction of those aches and pain.

Your energy is depleted way before the end of your day because your focus shifts back and forth between work and pain.

And no amount of coffee is going to help that fatigue from the shifting, wiggling, moving, reaching, and contortions your body performs trying to get a moment’s break from the tension and tightness.


Proper Sitting is a No Brainer for Feeling Better and Working Better


That’s all you need to learn how to decrease your pain and use your chair for good (instead of evil).

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Over 25 years providing ergonomic support to the largest companies across North America.

Marian is a Registered Kinesiologist and Movement Therapist who's been helping people move better and feel better for over 25 years.

She's provided 1000s of ergonomic assessments for some of the largest corporations in North America and has been an invited speaker on the topics of health, wellness, function, and ergonomic programs.

Marian has also provided therapy for individuals with pain and injuries including those with chronic issues due to poor workstation design. Clients are thrilled with their results and the ability to be productive without aches, pain, and tightness.

Marian's expertise in movement and body alignment gives her the unique understanding of the human side of ergonomics and her solutions are based on the integration of worker, workspace, and education.

Exactly what you need to feel better and work better.



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I regularly charge $500 for this Training and it’s only available to my Corporate Clients.

But I don’t want price to be the barrier in you receiving the help you need and feeling awesome in the office.

 So I’ve made this a no-brainer offer.

Step-by-Step Video Training
Lifetime Replay Access*

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Limited Time Bonus!!!

For a limited time, this Masterclass Put an End to Your Back Pain & Learn to Love Your Chair Training is including access to Aligned Ergonomics Resource Library.  

All the Guides and Cheat Sheets you need to make you feel like an expert with adjusting your chair, understanding the posture you need to ditch your back pain, and create Body Alignment that takes away your back pain and creates the best work environment for getting you out the door on time.