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Isn't it time?

…to stop sacrificing your body and living with

constant tension in your neck

burning in your mid back

aching in your shoulders

stabbing low back pain

ergonomic solutions

If you’re like most people working from home, you’ve actually started to get used to the pain and believe it just comes with the job.

And you can almost put up with the pain, except you can’t concentrate anymore, can’t get your work done, and you’re now spending longer hours at your desk and getting less done.

Your pain is interfering with your productivity.


And that’s exactly what happens because your brain is being bombarded with all those tweaks, pinches, aches, and pains and it can’t get into a work flow and let you be your amazing productive self.


So there’s really two choices.  

1. Wait for an injury that will stop you from working altogether and requires ongoing treatment to work on your body.


2. Make the choice that’s going to give you back your productivity, take away your pain, and reduce your hours in the office.


So which is it?

If you’re ready to work for your best potential, scroll down.


body alignment

Is your body giving you messages that it needs help?

– the aches, pains, tightness, burning sensations – 


you can’t figure out how to solve the problem and get your body feeling happy, healthy, and productive.

When your body’s out of alignment it’s not only in pain, but its performing below potential.

We can help with that.

Body Alignment Assessment

ergonomic solutions for home office workers

Aligned Ergonomic Assessment

The Ergonomic Solution that provides everything you need.  All 3 Pillars of Ergonomics are included in this 1-on-1 evaluation.

Biomechanics Assessment

Office Analysis

Equipment Recommendations.



It can be difficult to find solutions to support the health and safety needs of your home based workers. 

 Aligned Ergonomics has a developed creative Packages to keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive.

Book a call to discuss the needs of your business and how our Corporate Packages can provides proactive solutions.